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YaySMTP Pro 2.1.1 – Modern WordPress All-In-One SMTP Service Nulled - Free Download

YaySMTP Pro Modern Wordpress All In One SMTP Service

Free DownloadYaySMTP Pro 2.1.1 – Modern WordPress All-In-One SMTP Service Nulled

Simply setup YaySMTP Pro and ensure your emails are delivered.
Why my WooCommerce website does not deliver emails? Well, because native WordPress email sending feature fails to do so.
WordPress is not an email service and it doesn’t have to. WordPress uses PHP function to enable email sending. However, they are often turned down by web hosting providers and popular email services. And so the blurb you sent out from WordPress/WooCommerce are never to reach the recipient’s inbox.
Email delivery used to be hard and take a long interval of time. Emails sent by your hosting often end up in spam folder. Thanks to newest technologies combined, now we get quality code that help speed up the email transfer process. Among the best SMTP plugins in the world of WordPress, YaySMTP is the easiest to set up.

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