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AzAd InPage 4.0.1 Nulled - Free Download

azad inpage 2008

Free DownloadAzAd InPage 4.0.1 Nulled

AzAd Urdu InPage is a windows text editing software best for Urdu, Arabic, Pushtu, Punjabi & Sindhi languages typing. InPage is the industry standard tools for page-making of Newspapers, Magazines & Books in Urdu/Arabic languages. Using the power of Nastaliq & Character based fonts InPage gives you the freedom to design your dreams in almost all Perso-Arabic scripts like Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Sindhi, Kashmiri Pushto & Hazaragi. Running on MS Windows, InPage makes publishing not only easy but also enjoyable!!!

This package includes AzAd Urdu InPage installer, Urdu Phonetic keyboard installer & Urdu Phonetic keyboard layout in a single package compressed file.

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